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only Museven can suck me

25/06/2011 18:44



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Dr Specioza Kazibwe

Dr Specioza Kazibwe 


Posted  Saturday, June 25 2011 at 00:00

In Summary

A day after she made headlines that she had been sacked from leading the government-owned Microfinance Support Centre (MSC) Ltd on the recommendations of the IGG, Dr Specioza Kazibwe yesterday said it is only President Museveni who can sack her.


Ms Kazibwe was sent packing by Finance Minister Maria Kiwanuka on Thursday, along with another top official until investigations into their alleged mismanagement of the organisation are completed.

Dr Kazibwe, speaking at the Ninth Parliament MPs induction that closed yesterday, said she had never asked for employment in the Microfinance but President Museveni begged her to occupy the office. “I was not earning any salary from there but mere allowances.

Let the IGG go ahead and investigate and I will be found innocent like I was in the valley dams saga…everyone saw that,” she said. She asked that the media stops saying she has been sacked but suspended because she was just a ‘volunteer’. “Only President Museveni can sack me because he is the overall appointing authority of all ministers,” Ms Kazibwe said.

In her letter, Ms Kiwanuka sacked Dr Kazibwe and acting MSC Executive Director Iggy Rwabukuku and said their suspension takes immediate effect as ordered by acting Inspector General of Government Raphael Baku in a May 20 directive.

Ms Kiwanuka also placed Mr Wilson Wamatsembe, the deputy executive director in-charge of the centre which coordinates the government’s billion shilling micro-credit programme, until further notice. Ms Kiwanuka also reinstated Ms Dorcas Apita Angom and Ms Mariam Ndibuuza who, according to the IGG, were irregularly suspended on June 17 as MSC company secretary and manager legal services, respectively. They are to return to office with immediate effect.

Mr Rwabukuku suspended Ms Angom and Ms Ndibuuza citing alleged gross misconduct after Ms Angom wrote to the Finance minister seeking her guidance on whether the MSC board should continue to conduct the agency’s business while it is improperly constituted—an opinion shared by Ms Ndibuuza.

Dr Kazibwe said the two formerly suspended officials were the reason she was suspended. “They ran to the IGG complaining over nothing yet their troubles started when they failed to do their work.” She also said she remains a senior presidential advisor on population and health.