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Musasizi Joshua

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My Dear Visitors

This is to you who has managed to get chance and access this website of Musasizi Joshua, you are among the lucky people on this planet Earth and i would like to assure you that there are very many things you are going to find interesting here in my site.


My prayer is that after finding something which will in one way or the other build your capacity, i request that dont leave out your friend, what you do is.....pass on this website to that friend of yours such that he/she can also be updated in one way or the other.


Every day there must be something new on my website and please make sure you make a visit whenever you get access. I have very many things I have prepared for of which you will find your own life interesting. lets now go............



About Me

Iam a wise young man, capable and interested in very many things e.g. travelling, making friends from both within and abroad, I like sharing experiences with friends and even learning new things from every one. what i hate in life is pretense. I studied at Katikamu Senior Secondary School Wobulenzi and currently am having my at California State University Here in California.


I thank God for my life, my parents/ family members and all friends who have contributed to this far i have reached and all what I can say is thank you very much for who ever put an effort to propell my life this far.


Special thanks will go to the Chief Executive Director of Diiro International Group of Companies Dr. Diiro Mudde James who has been on my side even when some people ran away in the due course, therefore he is a turning point in my life.


 I would also like to express my sincere thanks to my big brother Gen. Suubi Sam for the unmeasurable contribution he raised to me both psychologically and financially. may God bless you so much.


I will not forget all my friends and all Ugandans. I love you all, "FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY"

History of my Education

I went to Eddie & Paul Nursery School for my Nursery Education, joined Njeru Primary School for my Primary Education from P.1 to P.7 and then proceeded to Jinja Senior Secondary School for my Ordinary level ("O" level). Katikamu Secondary School is where I completed my Advanced level from ("A" level) and after there is when I joined California State University for my Degree.